Mugsy’s Fund

Meet Mugsy. He was used as a bait dog and his torn and broken face says it all. Found behind Houston’s infamous BARC in the middle of a garbage dump, it was obvious someone had thrown him out like so much trash. Starved, mangled, and too weak to stand, Mugsy was quietly awaiting death.

Angela Sera, however, had other plans for him that day. As she drove by the rubbish pile outside of BARC, she saw something that caught her eye. A flicker of movement, the glint of the afternoon sun on a scarred, bloody white hide—something. Stopping her car, she got out to investigate and wasn’t prepared for the sight that met her eyes.

“Initially,” says Sera, “the fund was to help cover Mugsy’s costs, but the response was so overwhelming, we decided to pass it on to any in need.” So far, Mugsy’s Fund has helped one other dog in dire straits.

This article was posted in 2009. Read More about Mugsy.

In case anyone is wondering what happened to this guy, Mugsy is now adopted after his horrible life prior. Angela Sera had him at the sanctuary for a while, but he is living the good life now. Success!

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