Veronica’s Story

On March 14, 2014


She came here years ago, a little stray, another one left in the streets by her family. She came in a little ball of terror and energy. I watched her settle in, watched her grow and change, and then watched the gray begin to appear around her muzzle and face. She became settled here as the years passed and mellowed with age. She was a favorite of the volunteers and visitors and always got presents and new sweaters at Christmas, and went for lots of walks with everyone! Veronica had huge tumors reappear from her other life of neglect, she came through that with flying colors, tail wagged the whole time, last week, she developed a cough that turned into a drool of blood, so off we all went, tail wagging, to the Bastrop vet who could not see beyond the blood in her lungs but knew she needed oxygen fast,so stabilizing her we were off to the next Vet in Brenham who had the oxygen chamber she needed, she was doing well, her tail wagged all the time.

This morning got a call, her tail stopped wagging, Veronica is gone.

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