On January 8, 2014

This is a very sad story. Sassy lived with her family all her life, since she was small. Her family passed away and the relatives took her out of the only home she has ever known and chained her in her back yard and left her. While the property was going through probate, Sassy lived for two years on a chain in the back yard of her home, no one came, no one fed her, the neighbors threw food for her over the fence and continuously called animal control for help.

Finally one day, so beaten down by adverse weather conditions, her beautiful coat destroyed, her gorgeous body emaciated from starvation, and her spirit destroyed, she was at the end of all hope and had given up, finally animal control took her, and she came here.

Sassy is still gaining weight and has been in rehabilitation for over 6 mos now. She is perfectly healthy, heart worm negative, and then we saw she is well trained well mannered and found out she is even AKC Registered. Sassy is getting back to perfect again; she is a reserved, intelligent girl who gets along with everyone. She still misses her home and family, you can see it in her eyes, but her spirit and spunk are back.

If you are familiar with this breed, please think about Sassy and possibly giving her a forever home this time for the rest of her life.

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  • I am hopeing you are the group I have been searching for, I had a compute r crash and lost all info of tje rescue out kids from…………#1 A basengi female I think she was called GiGi ( we call her Mtoto which means Little Girl) #2 A black and white male callad “Bug Boy” (he now “Phatom” due to his face marking) Please let me know if I have the correct group. Jan McDonald Royse City. Tx

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