Injured Pit Bulls and Summer Needs!

On June 10, 2013

Frankie we thought was going to be the perfect little pittie dumped on our street until smelling a foul order coming from his mouth.  We found his bottom jaw is broken just behind his front teeth and extremely infected. His Vet has him on antibiotics and will pull the fragments of his teeth embedded in his jaw after the infection subsides. The break is old, about a month or so, and probably there from a blow by a blunt object, and already healed, but the infection is so bad, it’s rotting the inside of his mouth, and even worse now is his heart worm level is off the chart! Our Vet is recommending heart worm treatment, Frankie needs help, your help! We do not have a budget in place for wounded and sick with the economy as it has been, our perfect little pittie boy is in bad shape,

Donations are tax deductible and can be called directly into Washington Animal Clinic – 979-836-4531
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We are also facing challenges for the summer months, its gotten a bit tough with adoptions way down and the economy seemingly going into another phase of despair, and other rescues going under, a luxury we cannot/will not afford. Our fight will continue, with your help and support:
Our Summer needs list
Flea prevention, Flea Shampoos and Dips, Yard sprays, Farm fans, and Dog Food!!! lemon grass to keep mosquitoes away! Tractor Supply and Home Depot Gift Cards!!!
Our Horses are needing summer support as well!!! Fly repellents, vaccines, de-wormers,
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