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Dog Given Away Free on CL – Found year later near death

The Dirty Words of Rescue – Adoption Fee

[Book] Tony’s Tale – Tragedy in Arizona

Relive the compelling 2012 case of a dog named Tony, court ordered to be euthanized in Clifton, Arizona. This was the story that shocked the world and raised public outcry over judicial murder and how breed specific prejudice has gone too far. – Denise Carey-Costa

Texas Laws Limiting Chaining of Dogs – Effective since 2007

What makes the perfect foster home? Posted May 9, 2013

[Video] Aggressive Shelter Dog Posted January 27, 2014

Laws on Leaving Dogs Outside in Cold Weather Updated July 28, 2015

5 Ways to Help Pit Bull Type Dogs Posted August 24, 2015


Resources to Turn To If You Are Having Trouble Affording Veterinary Care

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