Calli’s Home!

On January 8, 2014

Never has it taken such a combined effort to get one dog across 3 states!

Thanks goes out to Alicia Esken in Los Angeles for moving so fast in coordinating Calli’s transport out of her bad situation, to Pat at Lodoloza Dog Den Los Angeles, for running the errands it took to get Calli ready for transport, to Denise Holliday for countless hours on the phone researching back up transport as the airlines were booked for the holidays, and finding a transport who could get her out of Los Angeles faster, to Donna Leshne is Santa Fe NM who stepped in for Calli when the transport broke down in the snow storms and took her into her home, to Tina and Scott Quintero who moved like Batman and Robin to retrieve her driving nearly 20 hours straight round trip to bring her home, and to the real wind beneath our wings..Jan Peterson and Jill Porter, who, without even asking, are always there for us here at Dogtown Ranch.

This has been an exhausting journey, but she is home safe once again, possibly forever this time!! Enjoy her photos of her on her bed with a good bone, Thank You all for being Calli’s Hero!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!


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