On December 11, 2014

This little girl is called Blondie. Her and her buddy were abandoned here early last spring. Blondie has been through a lot of medical issues and weight problems since she has been here, not to mention both of them had to have their vaccines done, coggins pulled and teeth floated. We were told Blondie was 12 years old – nope, she is over 25 years old! She has chronic diarrhea and had not had her teeth cared for in over 10 years. She is now on senior horse feed and has to be on a fibersill formula once a month for a week for her intestinal issues. She is the sweetest thing and comes when you call her like a little puppy and her weight has now become under control and she has filled out nicely. It seems like Blondie was once a well cared for girl because she certainly does not look her age.


BUT..Blondie is costing us a fortune, with the two extra horses we never counted on and the original 3. Five horses are a lot on top of 80 dogs!!!! Our stalls could not accommodate 5 horses so an addition is on order for the our two extra residents!!



We are trying to raise enough in donations to cover their stall addition for the winter and horse feed for winter for all of them. Any amount will be a huge help – the stall is $1200.00 and horse feed for the winter is around $1500.00 in hay rolls. I cannot even imagine how the Horse Rescues keep up with us struggling with only 5 of them. Our eldest is now 27 and he has been on special diet for years already – two of them on special senior diet is becoming impossible.

Please help us – all donations are tax deductible and donations can also be called into Elgin Feed Store @ 512-285-3210. Summers are easy here for the horses, winters are very hard.

Ways to Help – Donate!

Thank you.

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