How it Started

Dogtown Ranch actually started several years ago when a street kid came from South Central LA to live with her family in the country in New Mexico in search of a life that made sense. An easier life consisted of hauling water, cutting wood and constantly jump starting an old Chevy Truck or pushing it down a hill. Animals ruled, horses, cattle, coyotes, mountain lions and even goats occasionally passed through. Wild dogs and wolves were also regulars.

Our border collie /lab mix family ran the ranch and took care of the neighborhood wild life and us. They began to bring home stray dogs, litters of pups and even old drunks who got turned around in their drunken stupors. So being supportive of their efforts all new comers were all fed and taken care of and some started to leave to homes!!

After years passed, dogs were dumped at the bottom of our driveway and 10 to 16 dogs were seen laying around the house and barns; the small Mining Town that was once called Steel Town was now being called Dog Town, and life was good and everyone was happy.

All things pass and so did our Border Collie / Lab mix family and in memory and in honor of their selfless devotion, and unconditional love, Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary, Rescue and Rehab seemed like the right thing to do. After all, everything I know they taught me, Angela Sera, so it was time to give back all they gave us and so many others.

In Loving Memory – Munchie and Puppy and Family – 1990 – 2003 Dogtown Ranch, Fierro NM

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