Welcome to Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary, Rescue, & Rehab…a 501-(c)3 non-profit sanctuary on a 10-acre spread in rural Elgin, TX that is home to many rescue dogs and horses.

Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary Rescue and Rehab promotes education and training for persecuted and misunderstood bully breeds, but accepts all canine breeds in crisis, dogs needing to get off the streets and dogs needing to be rescued from euthanasia lists, and abusive situations.

Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary Rescue and Rehab will take in emergency injuries and injured Pit Bulls that have been subjected to dog fighting or abusive situations, that would otherwise have been euthanize and unwanted because of their past.

Mugsy’s Fund was established by Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary Rescue and Rehab to provide funding for severely injured Pit Bulls, but has since accommodated the need to help all breeds, and work with all Rescue Groups that need assistance in emergency injury cases that have no where else for them to go.

Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary Rescue and Rehab provides a safe respite for abused animals and a forever home for them to live out their lives in an environment that reinforces their self esteem, security and confidence, with love, a warm bed of their own, and lots of food, toys and friends to play with.

Dogtown Ranch Sanctuary Rescue and Rehab will never turn away an animal in need and is NO KILL under any circumstances, we just don’t give up on them, they are not disposable here!

This sanctuary is completely supported by donations, and the residents are either adopted to good, loving homes, or live their entire lives out here on the premises in the fresh country air! Meet some of the residents of Dogtown Ranch, run by animal lover and long-time rescuer Angela Sera. Visitors are welcome here, but just make an appointment so we can be sure someone is on hand to greet you and show you around!

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