Please help Andy!

On November 6, 2013

Andy was rescued last night by Angela Sera at Dogtown Ranch and Sanctuary. He is in such bad shape he is desperately in need of donations for his medical care.

He was attacked by two dogs. He is about 60 pounds underweight (yes, 60!!!). He has started antibiotics and is being tested for any underlying issues.

I understand he just started eating a while ago. The vet thinks he is about five years old. He is too emaciated to fight off the infection from the wounds so has been put on additional antibiotics. He is in bad shape and his recovery will be a long one. But he has the best vets in Texas with him so he has a fighting chance.

Please go to Dogtown’s site to donate via Paypal which is Or you can call the vet clinic directly to make a donation at 979-836-4531. Don’t have a Paypal account? If you go to Dogtown’s site, click the Paypal button. There are instructions there on how to use a credit card if you don’t have a Paypal account.

PLEASE HELP SAVE ANDY!!! Post this far and wide to family, friends and co-workers. If anyone can save Andy, it is Angela and Dogtown.

Make Andy your first Christmas gift of the season.

Thank you!!!

Update: To view Andy’s progress, please view our facebook updates.

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  • I will go to “donate” now and put some money in for Andy’s care – poor baby! Lots of prayers for Andy’s recovery! Thanks for rescuing him Angela.

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